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KBF Oct 25 service 10/25の礼拝について

Dear KBF family, KBFの皆様

ーーーEsther Mott’s Last Sunday (エスター牧師最後の日曜日)ーーー

It was a joy to see many of you at last week’s worship service either in person or on Zoom. We also started the children’s program and were blessed with 13 children who participated in the indoor (younger kids) and outdoor (older kids) activities.


This Sunday, Oct 25, we continue with the live service format starting at 09:30 am and finishing around 10:30 am. For anyone not able to attend in person Zoom details are provided below. There will also be a program for children aged between 5 to 11 years (kindergarten to elementary 5th grade) during the service time. This Sunday is Pastor Esther Mott’s last Sunday at KBF before she returns to the USA on home assignment in November. Please take the opportunity to say goodbye, at least for now.


For everyone planning to attend the worship service in person, please pre-register by the link below (if you registered before, you do not need to register again) and continue to comply with the summary safety guidelines set out below.


Pre-registration here 事前登録はここで

In summary the main safety guidelines are: 主な安全ガイドラインのまとめ

Before the worship service (礼拝前): please check your temperature is not above 37.5 degrees centigrade and please wear face masks. 体温が37.5 度以下であること又マスク着用のことを確認して下さい。

Pre-service screening (礼拝前のチェック): only use the main entrance to enter the auditorium. Please use the hand sanitizers provided in the foyer. 大講堂に入る際はメインの入り口のみをご使用ください。また玄関の除菌スプレーで手を消毒してください。

Worship service (礼拝): practice physical distancing by sitting in every other row and every other seat for non-family members. Please do not sing out loud. There will be no nursery. 人々との距離を守り、自分のファミリー以外の方は間隔を開け、席は一つ開け列も一つ開けてお座りください。大声で歌うのは避けてください。ナーサリーもありません。

After the worship service (礼拝後には): please vacate the auditorium respecting physical distancing and enjoy fellowship outside in the plaza. There will be no drinks fellowship, Sunday school or small groups. 三密を避けながら、速やかに大講堂を退出し、屋外のプラザでフェローシップをお楽しみ下さい。ドリンクフェローシップ及び日曜学校やスモールグループの開催はございません。

Use of CAJ facilities (CAJ施設の使用に関して): The cafeteria, gym and classroom block will be closed but toilets are available below the auditorium. カフェテリア、ジム、クラスルームビルディングには立ち入れませんのでご了承下さい。お手洗いは、大講堂の地下にございますのでそちらをご利用くださいませ。

For those who do not attend in person, the service will be broadcast live over Zoom from 9:30 am on Oct 18 and the links to watch the service in Japanese and English are provided below:


日本語 (通訳) Zoomミーティングに参加する: 日本語リンク

ミーティングID: 459 227 5495パスワード: 5495

EnglishJoin Zoom: English link

MeetingMeeting ID: 453 112 2938Password: fellowship

We look forward to worshiping together again whilst emphasizing a need for each of us to take responsibility for ensuring it is a safe environment for all.皆様お一人お一人に安全対策にご協力頂きつつ、再びご一緒に礼拝できる事を心待ちにしております。

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the pastoral team by emailing

In Christ we trust, 私達の信頼する主の御名によって、
KBF Pastoral TeamKBF牧師チーム

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